Tuesday, 8 May 2012

summerwinter a story

La Boulange, The Dept. Store, Takapuna

'It's still summer, but feels like winter..' and that was two months ago, a heavy February in the southern hemisphere. Do you people love summer? well, I do!!!. I looove sunny days, beaches, picnic, loose t-shirt, flip flops, ice cream, and all the cheering. but in the so called 'summerwinter' season, i had to wear my sweater or jacket every time. Well anyway, I was wearing my grey sweater and went strolling down the Takapuna side street when I saw this lovely old bicycle.

Takapuna side street

Parnell Village

Petite bookstore, New Market

Autumn in New market

Now winter is just around the corner, Oh gatekeeper, how I wish you could hold your nod for another season.

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  1. A neat start, Poppeline! Keep it productive, fresh, and colorful. In no time you gonna do what you never really knew before and you're loving it! :D