Tuesday, 22 May 2012

classic lego inspired printable

Hello again!
I still have some other printable sleeping with a blanket of folder inside my hard disk. It's time to wake them up hohohooh.

lego bottle labels
lego cupcake toppers

lego straw flag says 'drink me'lego tented cards in four colors

lego 'Happy Birthday' banner

minnie mouse printables!!!

I got these free printables from catch my party, and made some changes to the color and edited the content for my niece's 1st birthday, and I thought I want to share it so it won't stuck on my hard disk forever.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

a minnie gift for little Kasya

Last month, I asked my sister in law whether she wants to have a birthday party for her daughter, and she said yes!!! well, I've got nothing to do at the moment and thought to give little Kasya a themed dessert table for her birthday. She woofs Minnie Mouse and so I started to google about Minnie Mouse. There are lots of Minnie Mouse birthday party theme and they all have the same pink and polkadot pattern and I ended up adding new color to brighten the party and a slightly vintage look, so it doesn't look like the ordinary Minnie Mouse, well lets say, a Minnie Mouse inspired birthday party.

please say hello to lime green!!! the new color for the theme.

I began my work by collecting things for the birthday and I thought to make most of the decorations by myself, well instead of buying things of course, hohohoho. I used my mom's vintage cake stand, added up lime green ribbon to the touch. I bought the materials such as tissue paper for the poms, polkadot napskins, paper doilies, gift wrap, ribbons, et cetera at the nearest 2dollar shop.

It's cheaper to make your own pompoms than to buy one, mine costs about five dollar and it's about IDR35k for 5 tissue paper so I've made 10 poms out of it, with different sizes, and the best part was they only took a few minutes. It's cheaper to make everything on your own!!! the garland, bunting, ribbon topiary, the labels, I myself didn't believe I could make such things at first.

I used left overs ribbons for the topiary, wrap the wooden K letter with yarn and last but not least, cutting left overs scrapbook paper to create the vintage looking bunting.

Snap snap, it's the Minnie Mouse vintage pink and lime party!!!! Little Kasya's turning One!!

I chose the word 'It's the milky mouse' for the milk and 'mouse mallow' for the marshmallow so it sounded a bit like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. hihihihiihihi. Ooow and I do wanna share the labels for the Minnie Mouse themed party!!!!, just click here.

I had such lovely time decorating the party :)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

summerwinter a story

La Boulange, The Dept. Store, Takapuna

'It's still summer, but feels like winter..' and that was two months ago, a heavy February in the southern hemisphere. Do you people love summer? well, I do!!!. I looove sunny days, beaches, picnic, loose t-shirt, flip flops, ice cream, and all the cheering. but in the so called 'summerwinter' season, i had to wear my sweater or jacket every time. Well anyway, I was wearing my grey sweater and went strolling down the Takapuna side street when I saw this lovely old bicycle.

Takapuna side street

Parnell Village

Petite bookstore, New Market

Autumn in New market

Now winter is just around the corner, Oh gatekeeper, how I wish you could hold your nod for another season.